Our recycled solid 14 karat gold jewellery is designed in London and crafted in the vibrant city of Istanbul. We work with an established family run organisation that has been specialising in gold jewellery production for over 30 years. 

What is Recycled Solid Gold?

We put the utmost emphasis on precision, quality and sustainability. Our gold is 100% recycled solid gold, this means our jewellery is not made from mined gold and instead is made from pre-loved gold that has been melted down to make our beautiful pieces. The beauty of solid gold is the fact it is extremely malleable, meaning it can be easily recycled without fracturing the material.

The recycled gold used in our jewellery is both environmentally and socially responsible. Our gold is responsibly sourced in accordance with the LBMA ( London Bullion Market Association) Responsible Gold guidance, and each piece of jewellery over 1g is hallmarked by The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office in London, guaranteeing its 14 Karat quality. When you see the hallmark 585, this is the symbol of 14k gold, meaning 58.5% of its composition is pure gold. 
Stephanie Grace Jewellery Hallmarking

What is Solid 14k Gold? 

We believe in creating timeless everyday jewellery that will last a lifetime. Our jewellery is made from solid 14 karat precious gold metal which means each piece of jewellery is made from 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other metals such as Zinc, copper, nickel, iron, cadmium, aluminium, silver, platinum and palladium. 

The reason gold is alloyed with other metals is because pure gold (24 karat) is extremely soft. This means it is not durable for everyday wear, so by “hardening” the gold with other metals we are able to create jewellery that can be worn everyday and that will last forever. We chose 14 karat to strike a perfect balance between affordability and durability. 

What is 14k gold?


What is the difference between Solid Gold and Gold Vermeil/Gold Plated? 

Solid gold jewellery literally is what it says on the tin. This is jewellery that is made from Gold on the inside and out. Gold plated/vermeil on the other hand is often a majority base metal such as silver or brass covered with a thin layer of solid gold. Although there might not be a huge difference in appearance, there is when it comes to the quality, sustainability and value of your jewellery.


The biggest difference between solid gold and gold plated jewellery we believe is definitely in the quality. Whether your jewellery is a treat for yourself or a special gift, each piece marks a memorable moment in time. We firmly believe in creating jewellery that will last forever so we can always remember these moments and so consciously chose not to make gold-plated jewellery. 

This means each and every  piece of our jewellery is both sustainable and wearable in everyday life. Our jewellery will not oxidise, discolour or turn your fingers green. You should feel free to wear our jewellery everywhere and anywhere life takes you, whether that be at the gym or whilst relaxing on the beach. 

Stephanie Grace Jewellery- Solid Gold vs plated


Another huge difference between solid gold and gold plaited is the cost of materials and therefore “commercial value” of the Jewellery. The price of gold is determined by multiple factors including production, quality and how much is in circulation. We often see that when we have environmental, social or political turbulence the price of gold increases and this is because gold is culturally considered to be a stable and solid investment (pun intended).  Although the price of gold is not set by any one organisation, as a company we buy our gold using the rates established by the LBMA. We believe that when you buy sold gold jewellery you are not just making a sustainable purchase but also an investment.

Price of Gold vs Price of Silver March 2015 - 2020. 

1g Gold= £42.16*

1g Silver= £0.36*

*These prices change daily

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