The heart and essence of Stephanie Grace Jewellery is sustainable fine jewellery with a clean conscious. We only have two values at Stephanie Grace Jewellery that we live and breathe.

1. Fine Jewellery that is Sustainable & Transparent. 
As a brand we believe that we should all do our part to care for our planet. To us this means reducing waste and recycling at any opportunity. We also believe that by showing and telling our customers exactly how our jewellery is made and where it comes from we empower you with the information to make cleaner, more conscious purchases.

2. Be the Change, you want to see.
As a brand our second value is positive and meaningful change. As a young woman early in her career, Stephanie was never lucky enough to receive supportive guidance from female leaders in the places she worked. This was either because where she worked lacked senior female managers or because the ones in place weren’t supported or equipped with tools or training to grow and develop their teams- this left her feeling deflated. 

At Stephanie Grace we value new ideas, new ways of working and new methods of production. We want to encourage and empower change in our community not only through the work we are doing but also through the work you are doing. We are inspired by You. This means we want to hear from you, if you have an idea that influences change, we want to support you in making it a reality. 

As a new brand we are not perfect and nor do we strive to be. Our mission is to create quality fine jewellery with a clean conscious and improve what we do and how we do it along the way.